I met him on Facebook ..

I never felt such attached to someone like I did to him , I always knew that one day someone will come into my life and shows me why it never worked with someone else , but he appeared in my days in a very weird way , we were friends on Facebook since a while but we never talked (like most of the people almost) , we both didn’t know the reason why … But the day we talked it was very strange , I texted him at 5 am in the morning and he wasn’t even online , I never believed or imagined that I will find my man by that way , but I did …

The next day he answered We talked for hours and hours , by every word he was saying I was getting attached more and more , I wished that our conversation would last forever… when he told me that he has to leave I was praying to God for he would stay more but he couldn’t because he was on vacation and I didn’t want to insist , but i felt such a deep sweet feeling about the way he talks ; We talked for three days and after every message I was feeling that I was getting attached to him more and more.

Three days later we decided to meet …. It was not like I expected ; it was much more Amazing and faboulus than I expected ; we talked , we laughed , he told me things about his life , I did the same , everything about « A » was not like the other men , REALLY it was not like the other men , even the most simple details of him was different … then suddenly somehow we started talking about how much we were crazy about each other like we met since years , we already felt that we complete each other since we were talking but when we met WE WERE SURE … I know it was weird more then weird even , but I saw in him what I never saw in any man before …

I would love to say that he got my heart from the first sight but « A » got it from the first message. The love when it decides to enter to your heart it never knocks the door , you just know that it’s there when it’s too late to start putting rules to control your feelings or your actions For the man who Got my heart …

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