Are you virgin ?

Are you virgin ?  or nowadays guys start to ask this question by a « nicer » way ; did someone before me touches you ?  Am i your first guy ? did you have any kind of physical relations before me ?  i want to ask these guys before asking if you are the first , are you sure that you are gonna be the last?  

I have been always wondering what’s the point of these questions ? what it is going to change if the answer was yes or no ? 

Unfortunately in our Arabian society it changes and it changes a lot !!!! because when a girl before getting married she goes to doctor to renew her virginity , to buy her respect in front of her husband with few dinars or to buy a « forever lie » then we have to know that something is wrong with us , with our society  … i have once asked a guy do you accept to get married to a non virgin girl ? he says no sure not he answered me like he was the saint ! ,oh yes my beautiful ! men are like that , they accept that you lie on them but never tell them that someone touches you before ! do you know why ? because they are too stupid .. a man wants from his future wife to cook and clean well which means a good housewife and in the same time he wants her to have a good job with high salary , he wants her to be good at bed but VIRGIN and no one touches her before ! he wants her to be beautiful but he wants for her also to never wear sexy clothes or put make up and he wants and he wants and he wannnnnnts,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, they want a ROBOT in human body because my dear your real man will never care about how you dress up or about if you are good at cooking and cleaning because he will understand that you didn’t have time to learn that because you were too busy in achieving your dreams (work , study ..)  , your future man will not care about your past or about how many guy you have been with before , or how many guy touched you before because he knows that your future starts with him not before him !! 

Do you think that the man who is asking you to be like that he is that perfect also ? he never looked or touched any woman before ? he has been staying at home all his life ? no i don’t think so ,  well i am sure of it ;  sometimes i believe that even them also are victims of traditions like we are … except that they decided to apply these traditions only on us , I am not against woman to stay « pure » and i have always believed that pureness is in mind not in body , but i am against that the idea is too silly and we are giving it more than it deserves … i think that me as a woman after spending years ALONE working hard on my future and over-passing obstacles in life i can imagine that a man comes to me and relates our future to a silly question ARE YOU VIRGIN ?

you are free face your reality ! that’s your body , your life , your soul , your thoughts , you dreams !!!!!  if you want something DO IT ! don’t give the opportunity to anyone to judge you no one !!!! no one is better than you NO ONE  and like he is putting conditions to accept being with you ! you put them first do you know why ? because you are the woman , you are the reason of the life , without women nothing can be beautiful and after that all you think that a man still can JUDGE you ?

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